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This beautiful set of 3 plates is perfect as a gift to a special person.
It could be used as a cake or antipasti serving plates.

Diameter: aprox. 10.9" (27.8 cm)
Weight: aprox. 642 grams

Diameter: aprox. 7.20" (18.3 cm)
Weight: aprox. 327 grams

Diameter: aprox. 7.9" (18 cm)
Weight: aprox. 266 grams

I designed and made these plates on my pottery wheel with terracota clay.
Then I glaze the lines in blue gray color and finnally covered all the upper surface with transparent glazure.
It was fired at 1200 C/ 2192 F

*Lead free and non- toxic glazed.
*Dishwasher oven and microwave safe

All my ceramics are totally made by hand, therefore each is one of a kind piece!
For this same reason they are slightly irregular in shape, and cannot never be repeated a hundred percent.

copy of Set of 3 Ceramic Plates: A Serving Plate and Two small plates, Blue Gray

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₪620.00 Regular Price
₪496.00Sale Price
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